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Desiree FAQs


Q: How long is the hire for?
Up to four days. If you need the costume for longer an extra charge of $5 per day per costume will apply. 

Q: Do you require a bond?
Yes we do. The bond is typically $50 per costume or $100 for a mascot costume. We refund the bond to you when the costume is returned on time and in good order.

Q: Can I come and try costumes on?

Absolutely! Come into the shop try some on! We have a huge range for you to choose from. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect costume.

Q: Are your costumes washed?
They certainly are! We have a specialist laundry onsite. Hats and footwear are also thoroughly disinfected and cleaned after each hire. We ask that customers do not wash the costumes as many of them are delicate and need special treatment.

Q: Are shoes and wigs included in the hire cost of the costumes?
No, they are an extra charge of between $8 - $20.

Q: Do you have plus size costumes?
Yes we do! We have a great range of costumes up to size 28 and we are always adding to our collection. 

Q: Do I have to hire a full costume or can I just take the parts I need?
You don't have to take anything you don’t need. In most cases you can hire accessories or partial costumes if you’d prefer. Pricing will depend on what you end up with.